Main Act Dance Studio Board

 Jen Hose, Charlie Hose, Amanda Burg, Cora Shields & Robin Deibler


Teacher Bios


Miss Cora has been a dancer for nineteen years and a dance instructor for twelve years. Her dance career began in first grade at B*Dazzled Dance Studios where she took ballet classes. Throughout the past nineteen years she expanded her dance knowledge by taking contemporary, jazz, tap, hip hop and pointe classes. Cora began teaching dance classes at the age of fourteen and has worked with students ranging in age from two to eighteen.

In high school she was a member of Dallastown Dance Team for four years. Following high school graduation Miss Cora attended Messiah College to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Cora loves sharing her passion and love for dancing with the next generation of dancers!


I started dancing at the age of 3 and began assisting at the age of 12. By 16 years old I was teaching independently. My focus is primarily on young and beginner level children. I studied ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary, acro and hip hop. While I like teaching all styles of dance, my favorite is modern. I currently teach the Variety Class and acro. When I am not teaching dance, I work full time at TLC with adults who are intellectually disabled, help cater at Yorkana Fire Company, and hang out with my dog. I teach dance because I like to watch them learn new skills and see them smile because they mastered what they are working on. Little kids also tend not to be judgmental and accept people for who they are. I started dancing because my parents put me in dance to help boost my confidence because I was such a shy child, and as much as I knew I wasn’t the best dancer, it made me happy when I got older and it was my only way to make a few friends. In general, I just really like to help people, and this provides a great way to do that.